What Our Patients Have to Say…

“The pain in my hip kept getting worse. The surgeon said I would need another back surgery but I didn’t want to do that again. Dr. Klausner injected the scar on my back and then did ozone injections in my back and hip. By the sixth visit my pain was gone and I am back to full activity.”
H.K., Aptos, CA

“I was shocked and then relieved when Dr. Klausner diagnosed me with Lyme disease. I can’t tell you how many doctors I had seen looking for help. Some thought my symptoms were mental but I knew better. Dr. Klausner told me that this would be a long and difficult treatment with many ups and downs. He was right but I am determined to get better and I finally have a doctor that is willing to treat me properly and go the distance with me. I am very grateful.”
M.J., Gilroy, CA

“With your help I feel like I have my life back. The hormones make me feel like my old self again. My husband and I thank you.”
L.D., San Francisco, CA

“When I got to the track meet I took a warm-up lap with my friends. I didn’t think I would be able to run but I had faith in what Dr. Klausner had told me during our treatments. I had no burn at all during the 220 relay. That’s when I knew I would be OK. It was an amazing and life changing day. I’m going to continue to see an osteopath to help me get rid of my pain for good.”
J.J., Santa Monica, CA (17 years old)

“I still don’t understand what it is you do with your hands. I just know that I feel better after you do it.”
J.K., Aptos, CA

“After years on anti-depressants and pain medications a friend told me to see Dr. Klausner. Dr. K. told me that all situations are complex and that he didn’t have a “quick fix” for me. After a thorough history and a bunch of tests he found that I had Epstein Barr virus and a lot of mold and mercury in my body. It’s been slow progress but I do feel better and I am off my anti-depressant for the first time in years.”
A.S., Denver, CO

“Your gentle and loving touch seemed to bring a great calm to grandmother. She seemed less uncomfortable and much more at peace.”
E.H., Soquel, CA

“I felt like I was living in a pressure cooker. I was constantly fatigued and achy, not sleeping well, having terrible migraines and gaining weight. After starting treatment with Dr. Klausner I began to re-evaluate my life and put more time into getting healthy. I’m not perfect but I am better. The supplements, diet changes and IV’s have made a big difference. And I finally quit smoking. Dr. Klausner didn’t lecture me or try to push me to change. He presented me with reasonable options and asked me what I was willing to do. We are working together on my health and that feels very good.”
C.P, San Jose, CA

“I had constant burning pain in my legs and feet. I was miserable all the time. The doctors couldn’t find a reason why I hurt and offered me drugs and physical therapy, which didn’t help. Dr. Klausner suggested the sugar water injections under the skin (perineural injection treatment). After 9 sessions my leg pain was gone and so far hasn’t come back.”
C.F., Carmel, CA

“I really appreciate your honesty. You helped me realize that regaining my health would be a lot of work and that there truly was no “magic bullet” for my problems. With you I felt that I had finally found an ally, not just another doctor telling me what to do and implying it was my fault when it didn’t work. Thank you.”
A.B., San Jose, CA

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